[Gallery Updates] New Images on the Gallery

[ Written on February 10 2024 by Anne ]

Added more photos on our gallery. Check them out!

Ermenegildo Zegna XXX Collection Launching Event

sehunzegnaxxxx_282629.jpg sehunzegnaxxxx_281629.jpg sehunzegnaxxxx_281929.jpg sehunzegnaxxxx_282329.jpg

Seoul Fashion Week A/W 2014

seoul_fashin_sehun_281729.jpg seoul_fashin_sehun_281629.jpg seoul_fashin_sehun_28729.jpg seoul_fashin_sehun_28429.jpg

Swing Kids VIP Screening

swing_28829.jpg swing_28329.jpg swing_28629.jpg swing_28929.jpg

Suecomma Bonnie 10th Anniversary Exhibition

bonnie_28729.jpg bonnie_28629.jpg bonnie_28129.jpg bonnie_28829.jpg

EXO’s ShowTime Press Conference

showtime_press_281829.jpg showtime_press_28729.jpg showtime_press_281629.jpg showtime_press_281129.jpg

Sehun’s Voice Messages for Sense China Magazine

[ Written on January 27 2024 by Anne ]

Here’s the compilation of Sehun’s voice message for the latest issue of Sense Magazine with English translations!

Special thanks to Xunhuas for the compilation video.

Sense Magazine – Winter Edition Full Preview

[ Written on January 24 2024 by Anne ]

Here’s an unboxing video of Sense Magazine’s Winter Edition 2023 with Sehun as the cover star.

Oh Sehun – Seeing snow is like us meeting each other.”

Video Credit: Sense Magazine Weibo

CHANYEOL ep. 6 with Sehun

[ Written on January 16 2024 by Anne ]

Sehun’s New Year Message

[ Written on January 02 2024 by Anne ]

Happy New Year 2024. Thank you always. Stay healthy.

Sehun’s 2024 Bucket List

Say Nice Things
Think Positively

Something I want to say to EXOL for the new year:

Just like me, exercise, think positive, and say nice things!!

Suho’s Bubble Update with Sehun

[ Written on December 29 2023 by Anne ]

EXO’s leader, Suho, posted these photos of Sehun on his Bubble account with these captions:

“silly maknae
I was reminded while looking at my gallery so I sent these


Someone is missing the youngest, too! 🥲

Sense Magazine – Behind The Scene

[ Written on December 29 2023 by Anne ]

Here’s the behind the scene footage from Sehun’s Sense Magazine Photoshoot.

The First Snow wins 1st Place on Music Bank

[ Written on December 29 2023 by Anne ]

EXO’s ‘The First Snow’ got its first win on Music Bank today. The song was released on 2013 as one of the track for Miracles in December winter album.

Digital – 2399, Broadcast — 32, Pre-vote — 2000, Physical — 0, Social Media — 112 = TOTAL=4543

Another ‘first’ for EXO as the only Kpop artist to score a music show win with a 10 year old song. Congratulations, EXO!

[Gallery Updates] New Images on the Gallery

[ Written on December 29 2023 by Anne ]

While Sehun is currently inactive due to military enlistment, I will be adding old photos esp. during debut years on our gallery to keep the site active while waiting for him.

We have added the following photos:

M Countdown 10th Anniversary (2012)

MNET_10_28929.jpg MNET_10_28229.jpg MNET_10_28529.jpg MNET_10_281129.jpg

EXR Flagship Store Opening Event (2015)

EXR_28229.jpg EXR_28529.jpg

EXO-K Photoshoot (2012)

exo_k_photo_28629.jpg exo_k_photo_28829.jpg exo_k_photo_28129.jpg exo_k_photo_28229.jpg

EXO Debut Showcase

debut_showcase_28429.jpg debut_showcase_28129.jpg debut_showcase_28529.jpg debut_showcase_28229.jpg

Dream Concert (2012)

dream_con_281029.jpg dream_con_28329.jpg dream_con_28629.jpg dream_con_28229.jpg

Calvin Klein Event (2012)

klein_exo_28129.jpg calvin_exo_281029.jpg calvin_exo_28429.jpg calvin_exo_28729.jpg

EXO-K and EXO-M Fanmeeting in Time Square Mall (2012)

fanmeet_281129.jpg fanmeet_28429.jpg fanmeet_28229.jpg fanmeet_28629.jpg

10 Corso Como Launching Party

10_Corso_Como_28929.jpg 10_Corso_Como_28729.jpg 10_Corso_Como_28629.jpg 10_Corso_Como_281329.jpg

EXO’s Pink Christmas Greeting 2023

[ Written on December 21 2023 by Anne ]

Here’s Sehun’s message for EXO’s Pink Christmas Greeting.

“Merry Christmas! Yes, everyone~ I hope you wrap up the year well and stay warm this winter. Thank you!”

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