Suho’s Bubble Update with Sehun

[ Written on December 29 2023 by Anne ]

EXO’s leader, Suho, posted these photos of Sehun on his Bubble account with these captions:

“silly maknae
I was reminded while looking at my gallery so I sent these


Someone is missing the youngest, too! 🥲

The First Snow wins 1st Place on Music Bank

[ Written on December 29 2023 by Anne ]

EXO’s ‘The First Snow’ got its first win on Music Bank today. The song was released on 2013 as one of the track for Miracles in December winter album.

Digital – 2399, Broadcast — 32, Pre-vote — 2000, Physical — 0, Social Media — 112 = TOTAL=4543

Another ‘first’ for EXO as the only Kpop artist to score a music show win with a 10 year old song. Congratulations, EXO!

EXO’s Pink Christmas Greeting 2023

[ Written on December 21 2023 by Anne ]

Here’s Sehun’s message for EXO’s Pink Christmas Greeting.

“Merry Christmas! Yes, everyone~ I hope you wrap up the year well and stay warm this winter. Thank you!”

Baekhyun Instagram Update with EXO Members

[ Written on December 09 2023 by Anne ]

What a day for all EXOLs! Baekhyun updated his instagram account with this group photo of EXO during their manager’s wedding ceremony today.

Its been months since the last time we saw them together. And this update is just so precious.

EXO’s Seasons Greetings Photoshoot Behind The Scene

[ Written on December 08 2023 by Anne ]

EXO’s Seasons Greetings is finally here! It may have taken long before they announced it, but it’s finally here! Take a look inside the photoshoot session as the boys flexed their forever young beauty and goofiness for their schoolboys theme seasons greetings.

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