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Sehun attended Dior’s Women’s Fall 2022 Collection yesterday at Ewha Womans University. WKorea got the chance to have a little chitchat with Dior’s ambassador. Check out the short interview below.

WKorea: We’re from WKorea. Please say hello~
Sehun: Yes, hello~
Sehun: Yes~ Hello W’s readers, I’m Oh Sehun~ I’m here at the show venue at Ewha Womans University to watch the Dior Women’s Fall 2022 Collection. Be the first to check out Dior’s collection with me, everyone~!

Q1: How have you been doing these days?
Sehun: I’ve been the same. The filming for my drama is due (to begin), so I’m currently focusing on (preparing for) that drama these days. Yes~

Q2: How do you feel about coming to watch Dior Women’s Fall 2022 Collection Show today and what are you looking forward to about it?
Sehun: After becoming Dior’s model (Ambassador), I’ve never been to a Dior show (in person) either because of COVID-19. Also, this is the first time that a Dior show has been held like this in Korea, and I’ve been invited for it as well, so I’m very happy to be here~

Q3: As a Dior Ambassador, what does Sehun think Dior’s charm is?
Sehun: I think that (putting out) the most trendy (looks) is Dior’s charm. But at the same time, I think it constantly goes through lots of changes as well. That’s what’s so impressive to me~

Sehun: To W’s readers, it was so nice to meet you even though it was only for such a short time. I’ll see you again next time. Please give lots of love to Dior~ Please show me lots of love as well~ Thank you~ Bye~

credits: Video – WKorea.com | Translation: Xunhuas

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