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Indonesian skincare brand, WHITELAB, releases a video teaser about their newest brand ambassador. Fans suspected that Sehun will be the new ambassador based on the video.

As their new ambassador which is a KPop Artist, an actor and now a scientist is yet to be revealed, Raymond Cho (Partner and COO of celebrity agency MAXPERIENCE) & Max Jang (Founder of MAXPERIENCE) updated their LinkedIn account with their photos with Sehun with the following caption:

“MAXPERIENCE arranged an idol Sehun of EXO as a brand ambassador for our client in Indonesia.”

Whitelab’s video teaser can also be found on Maxperience social media accounts. With this, it is safe to say that Sehun is indeed the newest ambassador for Whitelab.

If you need more evidence, here’s another one:

“Hello Whitelabers, Hello (in Korean) Indonesia”

As all of these are just teasers and hints, Whitelab will reveal their new ambassador on February 10, 2022.

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