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The latest edition of GQ Magazine features Sehun as their cover star. It includes photoshoot of him wearing Dior’s Fall 2022 Collection and an interview. Below is the translation of his interview.

Q: It’s been a while since (EXO) members all gathered together (for EXO Ladder S3), right? We heard that filming started.

S: It’s truly been a while. It’s still the same for us while filming no matter how long it’s been. I still felt the same feeling again – of preciousness and comfort. Anyway, I think we all felt the same way. I’m very happy that the relationship between the members felt even stronger than ever.

Q: You filmed EXO Ladder S3 in Namhae, right? Is it your fist time to go to Namhae?

S: It is my first time. I’ve always wanted to go there, so because of EXO Ladder S3, I finally got to check one of the things in my bucket list hehe. Next time, if I try to look back to it, I’ll remember it like this, “this is a place that the members and I went to”… so it’s something that I won’t forget.

Q: It’s finally EXO Ladder’s 3rd Season. How does it feel filming it together? And what kind of member is your “travel mate” or your ideal member to travel with?

S: All the members are good.

Q: But that’s not the answer we want to hear (jokingly)

S: Haha. I need to choose just one person, right? Then I choose Kyungsoo-hyung. He’s the type of person who wants to go everywhere. We match perfectly. He also listens to my advice well, and he also like eating delicious food. Ah, and he also will try to cook food.

Q: Then, which member is the complete opposite of your travel style?

S: It’s Suho-hyung. Hahaha! No, he just plans intensively. (He) likes saying where to go. You don’t even have time to rest. And so for me it’s so ~~ hard.

Q: So your travel style is revealed: calm and you enjoy your free time, right?

S: Yes! I like resorts, actually. I’m more comfortable in plan-less than planned as a city person. If I ever go on vacations, I want to comfortably rest at a resort.

Q: Aside from being a singer/musician, do you have any other areas you want to try?

S: Honestly, I haven’t thought about other areas/roles. If there is, probably acting. Anyway, for now, my only thought would be, “for all things I’m doing, I’ll have to immerse myself to it well”.

Q: You first acted in <Now, We Are Breaking Up> and then followed by a movie debut with as Han Goong. Has it always been your dream to be an actor?

S: Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to become a singer but one side of me dreamet of becoming an actor. I was given an amazing chance to act, so I had to do it well. I want to show a better side too.

Q: What is Sehun’s acting charm?

S: It’s the same as my answer about fashion. I want to show the audience a different type of person that they can’t see, but someone completely new compared to Oh Sehun, that’s the type of charm (I have). Just living as a different person (in someone’s else’s shoes).

Q: Then what is the emotion that you want to feel/convey from acting?

S: Empathy. I hope that people will feel “there must be a person like that somewhere” when they watch my acting.

Q: How is it now that you’re in your 10th debut anniversary?

S: 10 years! I still can’t believe it. Time is just truly fast. Still, when I look back, I managed to do and achieve a lot of things. I feel proud that all the years that passed by were not turned into waste. I’m just really moved/emotional.

Q: Do you remember the first time you won 1st place on a music show for Wolf?

S: Of course. It’s an unforgettable moment.

Q: What do you want to tell to the Sehun of that time?

S: I want to give him a lot of pats in the back. “Congrats”, “You worked hard”, that’s what I want to say to him. “Do you want me to tell you what’s in store for you (in the future)?” Hehe. “Don’t lose your rookie (mindset), just keep being the way you are and you’ll be able to receive good results. Don’t get exhausted, and it’ll be great if you just hold on a bit”. I think that’s it.

Q: Did you prepare a gift for the fans that have supported/loved you for the past 10 years?

S: Our hearts are the same, so I also want to give them a present. Oops! Hahaha! But anyway, I have a lot to be thankful for so it’s a bit hard… probably through good music, good album, and lots of stages. By giving them good energy, isn’t it the best gift we can give them? To achieve that, we’ll work hard.

Q: How will you celebrate your 10th year anniversary on 4/8?

S: I haven’t had the chance to think about it yet. Maybe because it hasn’t sunk in yet. Hmm… since we can’t personally meet, maybe celebrate it by having a video call with the them congratulations and they’ve worked hard.

Q: For your 10th year as EXO’s Sehun, should we expect to see something new from you?

S: Honestly, it’s our 10th anniversary so I don’t have any thoughts. Time passed by so fast, and looking back, I have a lot of worries and promises. But lately, I had a lot of thoughts of what new version I can show (to people). The kind of version that people haven’t had the chance to see yet.

Q: You’ve performed a lot, still doing a lot, and will do a lot. This is cleary “Sehun-like” that shines through. So we want to ask, what type is “Sehun-like”

S: Just being “me”. That’s just it. But if it’s a kind of emotion or feeling, it’s not something that I want to put in a box. I wish that everything that I do is very “Sehun-like”. I like hearing, “because it’s Sehun”, “it’s so Sehun”. I hope it goes something like that.

Translation credit: Aya