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Dancer Oh Sehun is here! Sehun flaunts his graceful and cool dance moves as he joins 1Million Crew as the group’s “hidden dancer” for their performance on Street Man Fighter.

Sehun trended worldwide following the release of these clips. We surely miss our dancer Oh Sehun!

Original video is not available in other countries but if you can view it, please watch it here.

Mihawk thank Sehun on his instagram post for joining the crew in this performance:

“And personally, I’m very thankful to Sehunnie. Thank you for practicing so hard and helping me out, as you were worried that you might cause any trouble to the stage where hyungie is the main star. It was a very memorable and meaningful stage because I never imagined that the day would come when Sehunnie, whom I’ve been teaching for over 10 years would help me out with my stage performance.”

Video credits: Windy and Xunhuas