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The whole world is celebrating Sehun’s Day today, April 12, 2022. Hashtags that are related to his day dominated the twitter trending list just a few minutes after hitting 12:00 (kst).

A new Q & A has been posted in EXO-L Ace on Lysn.

Eri: Birthday hashtag that Sehun created?
Sehun: Sehun-ah who is the cutest in the world
SH: Happy birthday

E: How are you feeling today?
SH: Yaho / Yay!

E: Is there anything you want to say to Eris who wished you happy birthday?
SH: It’s my birthday but
SH: Please enjoy it too everyone

E: A song you want to listen together with Eri?
SH: Kim Junmyeon’s title song!
E: Something you really want to do today?
SH: Eat at least a bite of cake!
Two Sehun selfies has been posted too… (click each photo to see full size)

“EXO-L Japan! I haven’t contacted you in a while, I’m Sehun! April 12! I’m celebrating my birthday~! Thank you for greeting me every year, everyone! EXO celebrated the 10th anniversary the other day, did you guys watch the message video sent to EXO-L Japan? As I grow older, I’ll try my best to show you my even cooler sides as both EXO and Sehun individually, so please support me!”

To our precious baby chick, thank you for sharing your talent and self to us. Please know that we will always be on your side so please do what makes you happy. Continue to shine brightly and inspire others, Oh Sehun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, We love you!

Translations credit: Quinsehun