Welcome to OhSehun.net, your online source for K-Pop Idol, Oh Sehun. This site is created by a fan and aims to bring you all the latest news, high quality images and videos of our talented maknae. Enjoy your stay and check back regularly for the latest content.

Please take the time to read through these questions, before contacting me, thank you.

Are you Sehun/do you know Sehun/have you met Sehun?
As stated in our diclaimer, we are not Sehun nor a representative. I haven’t met him yet but looking forward for that day to come. Who doesn’t want to meet her favourite person, right? 🙂

Is this an official website?
No, it is not. This site is only a “fansite” or fanpage created and maintained by a fan.

Does Sehun ever come here?
I’m not sure. This site can be viewed by everyone, so who knows. 🙂

Do you own the images in the gallery?
As stated in our Disclaimer, I do not own any of the images featured in the gallery — they are the copyrighted to their respective owners. But there are some images that contains our watermark since I personally bought them from various legal sites.

Why don’t you have pictures of all of Sehun’s events, etc., in the gallery?
These are the only images available for public from different social media platforms. I pride myself on adding, where I can, only medium or high quality images of Sehun to the gallery. Previews will not be uploaded.

I’ve got those images/more images from certain event! Do you want them?
Yes, of course. It will be a big help for our gallery. But as stated on the previous question, I only prefer medium and high quality, no previews as much as possible. You can contact me so we can discuss this matter.

Are you fluent in Korean?
I’m not that fluent yet as I am still studying the language. The translations found in this site was not mine. Credits can be found on each post.

Why does the updates came late?
I usually post updates during my free time. I have a professional work outside the site. It may come late but I’m trying my best to make sure that the site is up to date.

Are you gaining anything in running this site?
Happiness! haha. This is one way of showing my support to Sehun, so I am happy about this site. I’m not gaining any profit from this. That’s why I need a job since it’s a bit expensive maintaining a site.

Still have a question that wasn’t answered? Then feel free to contact me.