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The most awaited season 3 of EXO Ladder is now here!

EXO members will go on a 3 days & 2 nights trip to Namhae (a treasure island) for ‘Travel the world on EXO Ladder S3’ where they’ll face the ladder of fate. In addition, from a feast of fresh seafood from the south sea to the scene where EXO members show off their hidden cooking skills will be shown. Also, various images of EXO members eating, playing, and enjoying together after a long time will be revealed generously through the trip. (cr: reveusehun)

EXO Ladder season 3 will be released on April 8, 2022 on Wavve and OTT (Thailand) every Friday at 11am KST with a total of 12 episodes. Teasers will be released on April 1 (main teaser) and on April 8 (character teaser).