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A pre-release video clip from EXO Ladder season 3 in Namhae for the first week can be watched below.

Also, Wavve updated their twitter account with EXO members.

JM: 1,2,3 We are~
EXO: ONE! Hello, We are EXO!
JM: EXO is back with season 3 of “Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder” after so long!
Kai: Woooo~!
XM: D.O. ssi, where are are now?
DO: We are now in Namhae, where a beautiful sky and sea welcomes us.
SH: Everyone, you guys are very very curious as to what we did in Namhae, right?
XM: EXO’s trip to Namhae with the ladder game
Kai: You can watch “Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder” exclusively on Wavve.
SH: Woow!
DO: If you wish to be the first to receive news on EXO’s Ladder season 3, please subscribe to Wavve’s Youtube Channel.
SH: Wavve will be posting many fun videos on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts too, so make sure to follow them!
JM: See you soon on Wavve!
EXO: Bye~

Translation Credit: Xunhuas

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