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EXO-L Japan released the making video of Sehun and Xiumin’s “Sports Battle”.

Sehun: EXO-L Japan, I haven’t seen you in a long time! I’m Sehun.
Xiumin: I’m Xiumin! Have you guys read the Official Book?
S: Have you read it?
X: HHmm?
S: Yes!
S: Today, I had a fun sports battle with Xiumin hyung. And since it was so fun, I think you guys will look at it a lot.
X: Of course, I won!
S: That’s right!
X: We were serious during the battle but it’s been a while since I had a sports battle with Sehun so I was able to have a good day.
S: And I want to deliver our making video to you guys! Please do watch it everyone.
X: See you!”

credit: Quinsehun