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Sehun graced the 30th birthday issue of Elle Korea wearing the Dior Men’s Winter 2023 Collection.

Interview Translation:

Elle: I’ve watched Choi Heeseo’s (Sehun’s co-star in NWBU) vlog, the actress who starred in the drama, “Now, We Are Breaking Up” with you. She said (you) have never made a mistake in your dialogue or NGs (bloopers). I think that’s the result of your hard work.

Sehun: There were so many senior actors on the set. I didn’t want them to see me making mistakes on the filming set and I’m sure everyone else thought that too. Memorizing the script is a very standard practice. Since I was surrounded by great actors, I experienced the moment where the dialogue that I couldn’t remember before “ready! action!” came to mind when I heard the other person’s dialogue. So, I feel a lot more confident in myself. It was a fascinating feeling, however, when it comes to acting, I’ll do my best to act out the character. I think that’s why the dialogue that I couldn’t remember come to mind at that moment. Although it will return to normal quickly once the scene is over.

E: It’s a day when rain was pouring heavily and Sehunnie seems to be the most calm person during today’s filming.

S: I was late to find out that the location of the photoshoot was actually changed because of the heavy rain. I’m a calm type of person perhaps because I’ve been through unexpected situations where things suddenly change or disappear since I was young. It’s all thanks to the people around me who are very well-organized so that I can feel comfortable.

E: It’s the same as when you’re on the stage too. The body naturally moves just by hearing the music.

S: That’s right. The dance really come out naturally. When I’m on stage, I look different from my usual mischievous self, but still, it may look the same. It gives a bit different feeling when being a different person.

E: This year marks the 10th anniversary of EXO and a fan meeting was held last April. It must have been a long time since EXO met the fans.

S: Although it is still August, I think that would be the most memorable day of the year. We had a stage rehearsal the day before, and then it started to feel real when I checked my in-ears and mic. I got emotional when “Peter Pan” was playing as the opening music then. I think Kai cried a lot during that part. It’s too bad there are restrictions where cheering/shouting is forbidden at that time. In the future, there will be more of us to look forward to.

E: What kind of side would you want to show in your performance next time?

S: I want to show you the most energetic and amazing high energy performance again, like I used to when I wans 26 years old, when we held a lot of concerts. It’s impossible for me because our own stage and fans, need to match with the situations and conditions.

E: Is there any memorable feedback/comment from the members on Sehun’s individual activity?

S: I don’t really have any that was really touching. Doh Kyungsoo hyung calls me sometimes and ask how I was doing on the set. I was reminded of the coffee truck that Suho hyung and Chanyeolie hyung sent to me. Still, they know that I was filming.

E: All the members are actively doing their individual activities. How do you show support towards each others? This could also be possible if you have interests in each other’s individual activities.

S: We pretend like we don’t care but we look after and give words of encouragement to each member. If a member releases an album, someone will take time to help mcing for the showcase/press conference. All the members are kind. I think that we’ve been doing our best to help out each other while doing our own works. Our group chat is lively, too.

E: I think that “1 Billion Views” album released by Sehun and Chanyeol (EXO-SC) in 2020 was a great opportunity for Sehun as an artist. You expressed the sincere story that you want to tell through the lyrics. Do you still listen to it?

S: Sometimes, when I’m feeling sentimental. Really, I listen to it sometimes. “Rodeo Station” and “Fly Away” are the songs that I look for and listen to.

E: We’ve prepared a “Boy’s Room” for today’s filming. Through the filming of “Everthing We Loved”, you were able to go back to when you were a teenager. Does it remind you of Sehun, who spent his teenage years as a trainee?

S: When I look back on that time, I think I was a mischievous boy of my age before I became a trainee during my second year in middle school. I’m only waiting for the class to end. I’ve been preparing for debut for about a year that’s why I couldn’t attend school. It has been 10 years now, we filmed 23 teasers and among them, there were 6-7 videos where I appeared in so I did a lot of preparations. It was nice to see that most of the filming takes place in the school and the set was filled with other cast wearing their school uniforms as well. Though I didn’t get to experience it, I was able to focus on acting because the environment looked real.

E: As you know, “Beyond Live The Movie: Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder S3” was shown at the theatre. I went to as well.

S: I was curious about it too! Why did they do that? Was it because of EXO-Ls 8th anniversary? Was there a lot of behind-the-scenes footage that got edited? Ah, no wonder it looked fun but I thought they missed a lot of parts from the show.

Interview Translation: Milkteus | Scan: Sakuyeol

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